Thursday, 31 January 2013

new year slow start

Well this is a very long over due blog post after the last one was back in early december! but here i am and ready to update what has and hasn't been going on in my creative journey. So the last post detailed some car design views about the new car i had purchased and so far the car is exceeding my expectations. And the post proved popular so i will do more blog posts reviewing designs and giving my views on them and they reasons why, how etc.
  But back to my news, i had a quiet christmas taking stock of what i had done that year and what i needed to do this year. Then the bad weather came which put paid to any workshop time i had planned in my freetime as it was so cold and to be honest motivation was low at that point, and since then i have not made anything new and instead have been concentrating on developing new ideas and taking stock of what i had to do in the coming year. I had a quick trip to north norfolk the other weekend to pick up some old pieces that had not sold in one of the shops that stock my designs. So i am in the process of sorting all that out and then listing it on my various design pages on and once they are listed i can then start to design and make the new ideas i have been thinking about for too long over the cold winter months. One thing i have to do is use up the piles and piles of old wood i have lying about as i am finding wood prices have increased slightly round my way and so i am having to make sure i do not end up with too much stock but also try and make new designs to promote. So in this quiet period i am sticking to making small managable designs like my candle holders and also making some small items for my own use as im trying to find a new flat so i thought making some furniture would be a good idea and would show off my making skills too. alos i am planning to sell some of my designs at a local craft fair in the spring so more news on that later in the year. Apart from that i will continue advertising my designs that are for sale on the above websites through twitter and this blog page.
 Also i have started a flickr page which i am going to use to show the various photos i take of life, experiences, designs made and things that inspire me, so keep an eye on as it will add another dimension to what i do and what drives me. So I had best get back into the making and designing swing of things as i have alot to do and a lot of time to catch up on.

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