Thursday, 22 November 2012

commission work out in the open

Just a quick blog post -between making a large amount of 'fort' candle holders, trying to gain interest in my work leading up to christmas and making some new prototypes for more storage ideas- to show a couple of photos of the award i made for a local business awards ceremony organised by the Eastern Daily Press newspaper and Lexia Media who commissioned me to make an environmental and sustainability award for the best performing company in this field in East Anglia.
  The photos were taken by local photographer Angie Sharpe (many thanks to her for letting me show the photos) and thanks to Archant publishing for releasing them.
  Its great to see the award i made with the finished brass plaque applied and given to the lucky winners. It looks great and i hope it will take pride of place in their office. One thing i did notice from looking at the photos was the amount of glare that the award got from the lights and camera flash. if you read my previous blog post you will realise i prempted this and was cautious about not putting too much of the gloss lacquer on the lighter coloured Ash wood. So it just goes to show that the designer has to think of every aspect of the design and project as a whole from materials and their interaction with the end user and enironment, to simple issues like size and colour.

so hopefully the more commissions i do i will be able to share the results and views on this blog and hopefully highlight the importance of why designers have to always be thinking ahead and of every eventuality. 

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