Saturday, 20 October 2012

working away

So since my last post things have been quite hectic here hence the long pause between blog posts but now i have time to update and explain what i have been up to. As mentioned previously the new designs i have been featuring on my blog and various portfolio sites have proved popular and i have just completed making some new adapted designs of the coat rack and 'beam' desk accessories for the big blue sky shop in north norfolk which currently sells my 'cant' sidetable. They also wanted to sell a couple more of one of my very first designs the 'scape' mirror. This news was greeted with relief, joy and panic. Happy that again my designs are proving popular and being liked but also panic in how i would get all these designs made in time. So the past two weeks have been very busy indeed getting these made and packaged up, for a very long trip to north norfolk tomorrow (21/10/12) which I'm looking forward too. I will take along my camera and try and get some landscape shots of the beautiful north norfolk coast. as its rarew i gat a chance to go up there. so below are some images of the improved coat rack made from a lovely piece of ash heartwood (i made two identical but only photographed one)

the changes made to the coat rack have certainly improved the design no end and have added a rustic element to it but still retaining that modern functional element. again i let the wood sing, so when i saw this heartwood ash i had to buy it, even iif it did cause some headaches while machining it. The 'beam' desk accessories have also had a change with the addition of some accent colours on the end sections and added functionality by way of a slot at one end to add business cards, notes etc. all giving the simple shape added elements that the user can tailor to their requirements.

So once all these products are dropped off in north norfolk I can make a start on my latest commission! A small commission but never the less its a commisson and something different. I have been asked to design and make a Trophy for a local business awards evening. Something totally out of my comfort zone and unique, so i jumped at the chance. I'm currently working out the design in good old CAD and then i will get it made and then engraved ready for the ceremony. Its certainly a good chance for me to promote myself to a So its an exciting project, but.. with a tight deadline, so every day counts really.
  I have also set up a tumblr acount so keep an eye on here and twitter to see what i post and show. It will hopefully be an outlet for me to show my work in progress and other elements of my projects that you don't get to see normally. And when i find time i have some rather different designs that i can't wait to produce and show on here, all based on personal experiences and adapting everyday elements. So some good stuff ahead.

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