Sunday, 17 June 2012

major update

This post is long overdue as a lot has happened in the past few months and the major thing is the construction of the commission desk which is based on the principles of the 'cant' series. at this present time the making process has grinded to a halt as i was not happy with one leg section that i glued together so i need to at some point travel down to my local wood yard and get some more sapele to make this section again.

but i will start detailing what i have done and how far i have got with some photos showing the processes. the section of wood i got was a lovely piece of solid sapele, which i knewn was an important piece to buy as i didnt want to make the desk from different sections. i wanted one piece to cut every part from. so that was a good buy. The next stage was to divide it up into equal sections to cut down. and then cut down further into the sections.

this was a tricky process as the section i bought was quite long so i had a task of lining up fences and making sure i good get a straight cut on each pass as i had to cut the sections about 14 times to get the frame work all 32mm in section. so alot of sawdust was produced!! once that was done it was a difficult case of looking at each section and pairing them up to try and achieve a square,equal desk once it is glued together. the original piece of sapele wood had a bit of warp and twist in it but some sides were quite good so i was able to cut on the clean sides and remove some of these bad sides but i still had to assess easch section so i had a fair chance of getting some straight legs and brcaes. once this was done i was laot more happy and confident with the rest of the build.

i then started to glue the sections together once i had spent mpore time making sure my order of build was the right one as i had to think ahead to make sure the desk top could go in and the holes could be drilled and also make sure the sections i glued could be supported and not be a hinderance, as this is the biggest thing i have to date.

once i had figured out the best way to clamp the sections i used a dowel joint and good old wood glue to assemble the leg sections but as mentioned earlier for some reason one leg arrangement did not glue as intended which i think has something to do with the clamps not being central and having too much play in them. But its not the end of the world so i carried on with cutting the slot for the desk top and drilling the holes so it could be bolted in. Also the polishing and drilling of the acylic top took a a while but the finish is very good and its heavy which is important for the overall stability of the desk because the leg arrangement is quite light.

so i am at a stage now where the major cutting and drilling is done and all that is left to do is glue the remaining sections together and assemble the acylic desk top. its been a major project for me but i have loved every minute of it and have learnt so much from doing this. my other project for a console table has taken a back seat at the moment but now i am near completing this desk i can then concentrate on the console table and then get back into the swing of making more concepts and promoting my work. so the next blog post will hopefully be a full photo evaluation of the design, overall appearance and explanation of the design intent.

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