Thursday, 5 January 2012

new year

well all the hype over christmas and new year has died down and its time to update the blog and explain my plans for the beginning of 2012. To start off the plan is too continue making new designs and i have plans for two at the moment that will hopefully get finished by the end of febuary, they include a new idea on the sidetable (i seem to like sidetables) and a variation on the 'cant' sidetable design that im excited about and should look striking when finished. So i just need to find time to head down the wood yard and pick up some oak or chestnut for the new sidetable and i will use some sapelle wood i salvaged for the variation on the cant series. So for me its the most exciting time as im at my happiest when making my designs.
  The next thing i need to do is find some more galleries to showcase my work, so the old email will get a workout again as i trawl galleries and see if anyone is interested. also while im at it i will contact more online shops and companies and see if i can gain some interest. its a long process but has to be done, you never known.
  Also the photographing of my designs continues as i try and show my designs in a better light so to speak. i have a decent stock range so it makes sense to get some good images of my designs that i can use and promote myself with. Another area i want to look into is local fairs or markets that i could possibly sell my designs at. i dont know if their are many in norfolk or suffolk but it would be good to try my luck, does anyone know any? long shot i know.
  so basically its going to be busy busy busy really, just trying to get noticed and do what i love, also i need to try and advertise my commission side more i feel as i have done a small commission recently and its certainly a good way to get noticed and improve my skills, So maybe i need to advertise this area of my skillset and see what happens.
  Also im going to keep looking, trying new things and seeing as much as possible, its amazing where inspiration can come from, i bang on about inspiration alot but it really is everywhere and that is wondeful i think.

but the journey continues with renewed optimisim and i have a good feeling about this year. With lots more planned that i will detail later in the year.

oh and my new year resolution? to try and not get distracted by the internet so much.....

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