Friday, 9 December 2011

catch up

 So I thought this post should really be a catch up and detail what I have been up to in terms of making and getting my designs out there as I have not been very regular with my posts of late. I finally dropped the two nest of tables off at the gallery in north Norfolk last weekend and I was really pleased with them, so they now join the mirrors being displayed, quite an achievement for me. However Im finding that all this negotiating and ringing and sorting does take time and that is one area im getting more and more experience in, be patient is the lesson.
  So my making time now is filled with continuing to get a stock level behind me, so I can take some proper photographs of my designs and have them ready to show potential customers etc. so I have some beautiful pieces of wood I can use up to make some more scape mirrors and hopefully a couple of tables. Also I have ordered some felt which I will apply to the back of the bare mirrors on my scape series which I feel will give them a more professional look and also a splash of colour.
  Also I am continuing to contact shops and galleries to see if they want to stock my work, this will always be an ongoing project so more on this in the future.
  I have started to make a small commission as well for a client up north, nothing big but it’s a great way to improve my skills and gets my name noticed, so that’s not a bad thing at all. So that’s what I will be doing this weekend, getting this finished.
  But the biggest and best thing I’m starting to do now is experimenting with some of the ideas I have had in my sketch book for years. This project will be very interesting to me and hopefully eye opening as I have certain views on how things could be and why, so this will undoubtedly give me some great new directions. As many designers do I’m always asking questions and in turn questioning the norm, so it’s in our nature to explore, try new things and push boundaries (sorry very clich√© that). Im planning to show these experiments on this blog in the next few weeks once I get things made. So look out for that as its certainly going to be a contrast to what I usually make. And will hopefully show a different side to my design thinking

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