Sunday, 7 August 2011

business card

a quick little post here as i wrestle with trying to sort problems of a technical nature out, but i wanted to show/explain my new business card as its quite a big milestone in my journey in trying to become a furniture designer. i spent far too long debating and thinking what it should be like, how it should look. And looking at it now there doesn't seem much to it, but to me there is alot in that little business card.
firstly i decided on a simple photo of wood shavings as the front design, why? well i wanted to show that i designed primarly with wood and to convey a sense of working and physical effort that goes into each of my designs. i also wanted to show that its a beautiful material in what ever you do too it, from the finished article to the waste produced, which can also be used again. But its not really waste as it has already been on this earth for many many years and what ever i do with it i am not adding to the overall carbon footprint of my work/business. So from a sustainable viewpoint, the local wood i buy is very efficiently used with minimal cost in terms of processing and transportation. anyway enough ranbling here.

the back of the card was kept simple with just a name, contact details and what i specialised in (if that wasnt already obvious) these cards were produced by the good people of who i cannot praise enough for their help and advice and overall service, so if you ever need some printing done, look them up

so the photo below shows the business card in all its glory and the other 99 i now have to spread around and dish out.

but i will enjoy handing them out as they make all my years of trying to make a go of it look more professional and worthwhile now. so to me this business speaks volume

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