Tuesday, 26 July 2011

the long wait

it has been far too long since my last post and to be honest it is about time i take this blog seriously and start posting my progress on my various projects and my journey in getting my designs recognised and 'out there'.
  it was a very helpful person on twitter that suggested i use this blog as an opportunity to showcase my work, as trying to set up my own website is very expensive as i have found out, and until i can afford to fund one, this blog will detail all my projects and designs. Also it will explore my thoughts, inspirations, travels, views and any thing else that i come across. so this little blog will gradually become bigger and more in depth and hopefully give you an insight into my design thinking and my 'ethos' you could say.
  too start off with i will go through each of my recent projects, detailing the thinking behind them, how i made them, what they are made of and what i tried to achieve with them. Hopefully who ever follows this blog will spread the word about what i am trying to achieve in my furniture design. couple this with my twitter account and i believe people will get to know quite well, as i hope to meet and collaberate with many different people too from many different areas of design and life. 
 This is what i love about my new found passion for this blog, the fact i can communicate with so many different areas of life,people and creative talent, and in doing so learn something new.

so enough rambling and time to get some photos together (these will hopefully breath some life into this bland looking site) and start documenting my furniture designs and see what people think. my designs can already been seen on various portfolio websites including www.stylisticgallery.com www.hiddenart.com and www.getimade.com and i continue to hunt down new sites to showcase my work and new areas to explore in terms of inspiration and new interests to look into and places to go.

also i hope to improve my writing and 'story telling' skills as i have never been a stronger writer but hope to be.

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